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FRANZ PETTER SCHMIDT, textile artist

HAiKw/ Franz – SS15
Overall romper in Threadbare cotton/viscose woven at Krivi Vev As.

HAiKw/ Franz – AW14
Overall Jacket and Cullottes in Black Wool and Orange Threadbare Wool, woven at Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik As.


w/ Franz Schmidt – SS14 – AW14 – AW15 – AW16
Franz holds a unique position in the textile field with his production experience combined with his artistic approach and sensitivity. He is a men’s tailor and a textile artist. He lives and works in Oslo, and is currently Research Fellow in the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Program at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Department of Visual Art. His practice is multifaceted, and emphasizes the understanding of production and craftsmanship. Schmidt is deeply engaged in research on the history of the Norwegian textile industry, and he is particularly interested in the production of fabrics for clothing in wool mills.