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HAiKw/ Bergen Kunsthall
October 16 - November 8 2014
Bergen, Norway

HAiKw/ was invited by Bergen Kunsthall to be the first to take up 1 month residency in their Upstairs Residency Program. HAiKw/ invited graphic designer Jodie Gatlin of LA based New Work Studio and worked on the project TOTAL night and day. Process: We started with ideas, words, drawings, fabric. We created a shop in our workspace so that visitors could interact with us while we were working, and interact with us in a transaction type of way, opening the space to interpretation, hands-off approach by the institution, bringing a fashion group into the context of a museum / arts organisation. TheBergen Kunsthall is an international art center, concert venue, club, book shop, bar and café with over 200 events and 12 exhibitions annually. The center consists of the exhibition rooms, Kunsthallen, No.5 and Upstairs andLandmark, a café, bare and nightclub as well as the book shop INK.