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AURLANDSKOEN AS, the original pennyloafer



w/ Aurlandskoen – AW12 – SS13 – AW13 – SS14 – AW14 – SS15 – AW15 – SS16
A HAiKer from day one, Aurlandskoen has participated in all of the HAiKw/ collections. These pennyloafers are made in the most beautiful landscape we know, the deep Norwegian fjords. The Aurlandskoen factory is one of the very last remaining shoe factories in Norway. HAiKw/ first approached the little factory during the Aspirational Clothing theme, when we found that the coin in the front on the pennyloafer fit with the ideas of lucky charms as a metaphor for moving up in the world through clothing. HAiKw/ has kept working with Aurlandskoen every season, creating special editions based on the Original Pennyloafer. While we still love the classic tan leather shoe they have made since the 30´s we also enjoy challenging the form and colors etc. The traditionally trained shoemakers at the factory joins us and are amazing at solving the various problems that we keep creating for them. Read more about The Original Pennyloafer on their web site: www.aurlandskoen.no