Cotton T-shirt with machine embroidery, S - M - L, 2012
Anders Smebye HAiKed with us for the first time during the making of the SS13 season about travel. His T-shirt Vinland references Viking iconography, a viking sail, used in big corporation logos loaded with sense of adventure, business, imperialism and suppression at once.

Ulnar, Volar & Sugar, 2013,
Copper, aluminum, steel, wool felt
Installation view from HAiKw/ Rogaland Kunstsenter

Left: Smebye Patch Up Dress. Right: Smebye Patch Up Short Sleeve, HAiKw/ – SS14

w/ Anders Smebye – SS13 – Rogaland Kunstsenter 2013 – SS14
Anders Smebye practices through various media such as sculpture, performance, text and textile. Through the work with tactile objects and textures, a new found sculptural practice has emerged with connotations to architecture, the human body, and the conceptual relationship between the two. Smebye is educated at Chelsea College of Art, London, UdK in Berlin and at the Royal Academy of Arts in Oslo. Recent solo exhibitions include I´m Not Here at SINNE in Helsinki, Finland, Dor er Dor at Gallery D.O.R. in Brussels, Belgium and Vinland at Galeria Valenzuela Klenner in Bogotá, Colombia. He was the founder and director of the project space Bastard, Oslo (2005-10), and also works as curator, writer, lecturer and teacher. Smebye was involved in the collective The Parallel Action from 2009 -11. www.anderssmebye.com